Nature and Characteristics of Learners

What is Nature of Learning?

learning is an important process of human behavior. All living beings are in the process of learning. When we compare adults with a child we get to know how much learning took the difference between these ages. The change in the behavior, skills, habits, thoughts and sentiments. Constantly interaction of an individual with the environment. This experience makes him to change or modify behavior in order to deal effectively. 

            Therefore learning is a process of change in behavior on the basis of previous behavior.

Nature and characteristics of Learners | top article by Saeed Ali lakho

Definition of learning 

“Any sort of permanent change behavior that occurs as a result of practice and experience”.

The above definition of learning has three important elements to be discourse.

  • Learning is a process of change in behavior that can be better or worse.
  • Learning is the process of change that takes place through practice or experiences, but changed due to growth and maturation not be included in learning.
  • This change in behavior must be relatively permanent, it must be present for a long time.

So, it is understood that are learning involved activities, and activities either physical or mental. 

Types of learning

  1. Motor Learning
  2. Verbal learning
  3. Concept learning
  4. Discrimination learning
  5. Larning of principles
  6. Problem-solving attitude learning.

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