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Scope of Educational Psychology

scope of educational psychology

Scope refers to the area of field of applications, operations, subject matter topics and branches that it investigates. Statistics of educational psychology is changing day by day because of new findings in the field are interpreted. The short list of subject matter that is available in the different books and articles on educational psychology :

  • Nature and characteristics of learner
  • Growth and development of human
  • Nature of learning process
  • Motivation and transformation of learning
  • Adjustment and personality
  • Development of mental approach
  • Exceptional children
  • Measurement and evolution
  • Guidance and counselling
  • Individual  deference 
  • Heredity and environment

Education psychology covers the great part of education
Accept particular field of educational psychology, another approach to examine the scope of educational psychology.
Gasrrison suggested the journal field of Education Psychology in following areas:

  1. Development of child, the cause of development, the nature of Intelligence, language and thinking, socialization, etc.
  2. Learning and educative process: learning and motivation, learning skills of problem solving, character development, etc.
  3. Evaluating people’s growth methods of child difficulties at school, evaluating the results of institutions.
  4. Guiding the child: personality integration adjustment problems of a child pupil teacher reaction, etc.

Lindgren suggested the following process of education:

  1. The Learner
  2. The Learning Process
  3. The Learning Situation

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