Importance of Educational Psychology For Teachers

Importance of Educational Psychology For Teachers

Teachers are like philosophers who guide and responsible for awareness of the growth and development of students. The knowledge of educational psychology for a teacher is essential because it provides some basic skills and guidelines to solve problems of the teaching-learning process. Educational psychology brings up different techniques. We will provide 4 important key points of Educational Psychology for Teachers to build personal interest in students.

Importance of Educational Psychology For Teachers

4 Important points of Educational Psychology for Teachers

  • Knowledge of educational psychology helps a teacher to select and organize the content to be presented in the class. The well-organized content according to the mentality of students is the first step to bring interest in the study. 
  • With the help of educational psychology teachers get to know about the growth and developmental pattern of children, and teachers adjust his methodologies of learning at different age levels of students.
  • Educational psychology enriches the knowledge of the teacher to know the problems of individuals and treat every student on his/her merit.
  • Educational psychology gives the knowledge of the learning process and problems of classroom learning. It equips the teachers with the principles of motivation, reasoning, problem-solving and concept formation, thinking and this knowledge among students.
    Blair states,

    Modern teacher, if he is sincere with his work, should be a specialist who under-stands children-how they grow, develop, learn and adjust. He should be a diagnostician, who can discover special difficulties of children and at the same time possesses the requisite skills for carrying forward the necessary remedial work. He further emphasizes, ‘If educational psychology is to function in the work of teacher, it will have to assist him to develop competence in studying children, in utilizing psychological principles and in evaluate his own teaching methods.

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