Memory Loss – Age-related Memory Loss

Age-Related Memory Loss

Have you experienced multiple times you go to the room and forget what you need? Most of the time, you forget the key of the car in the room when you reached a car than come back to take it.

Even you forget the name whom you already know before this meeting you are asking him name. All of these reasons increase with the age, it is known as age-related memory loss. It happens more at the age of 60, but youngsters also noticed this. Why do they are facing this problem, causes and tips are discussed below. 

If you are facing memory loss and difficulty in remembering things, it can be the disease(Alzheimer). The most important this is to recognize the disease and make an appointment with the best doctor.

Forgetting memories, things you put, remembering and other memory lapses usually appear when your normal brain structure changes. Research suggested that these memory lapses appear at higher age but the disease can affect at any age.

Case: Dementia vs Normal Memory Loss

Normal Aging Memory Loss
  • Normal aging memory loss affects your year ago events memory, conversation. 
  • You can face problem to remembering the names of an acquaintance. 
  • Forgetting events and things occasionally. 

Dementia Patients

  • Forget the events nearly happened. 

Medication: Greater use of any medicine will lead to negative symptoms physically and mentally. Overmedication can cause the memory loss before the age it rises. Following possible culprits which can cause memory loss: Sleeping pills, anti-anxiety medications, anti-depressants, antihistamines, muscle relaxants, tranquilizers and pain medications. 

The some strategies that contribute to greater health and well-being also help you develop a strong mind and memory. By taking steps to prevent memory loss and forgetfulness, you’ll improve other aspects of your life as well.

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As you grow old; psychological changes occur and you will notice remembering things become more harder. 

  • Forgetting events and things more frequently. 

  • Forget the names of family members whom you already know.

Unaffected mental health abilities by normal aging, like

Wisdom and knowledge you have experienced in your life saved in your long term memory. 

Daily routine activities; different works and tasks you perform normally. 

Your sense of humor, responsible reasoning and judgments you did.

Age related memory loss - man in depression - mental health awareness #saeedali Articles

Excessive use of drugs: Alcohol, tobacco, or any kind of excessive use of drugs cause memory loss. 

Smoking harms your respiratory system, it reduces the inhaling of oxygen that gets to the brain. Research have shown that people who smoke face problem to identify persons with names than who don’t smoke.

Depression affects your memory, you can’t pay attention to something because your mind is fighting with another problem before this.

Stress takes away your concentration you want. Emotional trauma causes stress and it leads to memory loss.

 Deficiency of Vitamins B12: Vitamins B12 helps your brain to protect from memory loss and forgiveness. Maintain your vitamins can save you from medications. 

 Lack of sleep: A normal sleep duration is 6 to 8 hours. Inadequate sleep also will be a reason for forgiveness and memory loss. 

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