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Self Care Ideas: 3 Ways to Take Enough Self Care

As busy you are, to take care of others, but make sure to take care of yourself. A lot of people forget to take self care. We know the importance of self care, but don’t take it seriously.

Self Care Ideas: 3 Ways to Take Enough Self Care - self care quote

Practicing self care is not easy, and looks selfish act, but it is a necessity to overcome the stress levels and feel better yourself inside and out. Don’t worry about it, the following guidelines will help you to learn how can you devote time to yourself. 

Sometimes you can feel guilty about thinking, you are taking time for yourself, but it is important for a healthy body, mind, and soul. Get started with this challenging task for yourself. 

You can engage yourself in self care, reading self care articles can help you to be motivated. There are multiple self care programs teach you self care strategies, and therapist who can help and support you.

A lot of people don’t think of self care and they are used to putting off their family and job. Self care includes a healthy daily routine, like physical exercise, skincare, diet, or studying.

3-Self Care Ideas

  • Use Diet for Self Care

Self Care Ideas: 3 Ways to Take Enough Self Care - green leafy vegetables and fruits

End of the busy day, you don’t need to wait for any special reason to go outside for dinner at the best restaurant you go to. Hunger never help you think about yourself. Enjoy your healthy food, it also helps you to prevent memory loss and boost your long term memory power. It can be, you have unhealthy food whole the day when you were busy in the office, but you must get healthy nutrients to nourish your body. Some of the best self care foods include: 

Green leafy vegetables 

Fatty fishes 





Sweet potatoes 


Along with these don’t forget to take water. Don’t replace the water with other energy drinks and tea, it prevents dehydration and boosts your energy. 

If you need vitamin and other protein supplements, make an appointment with the best doctor. 

  • Say “No” to Others, and Say “Yes” to Yourself Care

Self Care Ideas: 3 Ways to Take Enough Self Care - say no self care

Say “No” to others is difficult when people ask for your time or energy, and you feel obligated to say them “Yes”. Don’t feel shy and unrespectable to say “No” if you are already stressed. And you are saying “Yes” can create anxiety, burnout, and irritability. To appease someone’s request without hurting him is an important skill to pick up in your personality. 

Your assertive attitude doesn’t mean you have to be rude about it, but be kind all the time.

How can you defend your self care by saying “No” to others in different situations?

There are lots of polite ways to say “No” when you think that you can’t do now.

> If you are busy at the moment say “No” to now, but “Yes” to later. It is the best way to be kind to someone and help him later. 

> It’ my pleasure that you have asked me, but I am not in a position to take this responsibility now.

> Your pleasant attitude to say “No” will help you build self confidence and alert others to take care of yourself. 

  • Get Early Night Sleep

Self Care Ideas: 3 Ways to Take Enough Self Care - man sleeping

Do you know? Just taking baths and physical exercise aren’t the hundred percent of self care, but sleep is also important to be healthy physically and mentally. Insufficient sleep pattern decreases your productivity level and responsible for your less grades, memory skills, depression, and many other negative symptoms.

> Maintain a healthy routine with 6 to 8 hours a night sleep, it restores your energy of muscles, and you get ready for the next day with fresh mood early morning. 

> Your mental and emotional health is linked with proper night sleep, just two or three nights of poor sleep distract your whole stability. 

> Take a good night sleep to prevent inadequate diseases.

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