Materialist and Idealist ontologies definitions

Materialist and Idealist ontologies definitions


Ontology is the subject of philosophical or metaPhysics study of being, that is applied naturally to everything that is exist. Aristotle called at philosophical subject.

Ontology is the way we understand the world.

It is concerned with the nature of reality (being or existence). Different ontological position changes the perspective of world.

There are two ontologies.

  • Materialist
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Materialist and Idealist ontologies definition

The Materialist ontologist believe in the objectivity, things those exist in the material form and we can identify the material with five senses; touch, taste, hear, see and smell. The perspective of materialist, reality is other than you. Knowledge of objects are mediated with five sensory organs. Materialist first view the things then believe in the knowledge of that object.

  • Ideaslist

The idealist ontologist believe in the idea or concept then they identify material object out of them. Idealist perspective of worldview is that Idea come first then the object and its existence. Idealist believes that they have concept of sonething than they see what actually it is.

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