Epistemology An Introduction To The Theory Of Knowledge

Epistemology An Introduction To The Theory Of Knowledge

An Introduction to The Theory Of Knowledge

The term “Epistemology” is Greek which means “theory of knowledge“.  It is concerned with the origin of knowledge or where does knowledge come from?
Like; we know something then epistemology interpret the knowledge whether knowledge is natural or social, does it innate or we barrow?

Epistemology An Introduction To The Theory Of Knowledge
  1. How do we identify the reality? 
  2. Is this more or finite line?

  • Empresism

The Persian philosopher Avicenna, “Nothing is prewritten. He had also given the concept of “tabula Rasa” (clean slate). Our mind is empty nothing is pre-programmed, we get know the things through empirical data. When someone get know the universal concepts, which can then be further developed through a method of reasoning. According to empresism information cone through sensory data.

  • Rationalism

Pluto is known as the father of “Rationalism“. He believed that knowledge is mediate. It is mediated by ideas or structures (Idea or category that are present at the time of birth).

There are certain stages of knowledge spread. All the knowledge is previously exist with the time it comes out.
The number of prominent European philosophers given the theories, such as Rane Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Immanuel Kante. Plato’s theory of Reminiscence is a good example of innatism. The Rationalists do not believe in changing truth because “innatism” is always there.

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