Life of Pawn in Chess an Inspirational Lesson

Life of Pawn in Chess an Inspirational Lesson

There is a great personality inside you, and those who work on themselves become legendary. No one can be perfect by birth, but work hard to achieve goals. Life is about creating yourself little by little not to find yourself. 

What will happen when you blame someone else for your good and bad conditions in life? You will feel helpless, powerless, hopeless, and unwilling to do any work in life.

Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself; Life Is About Creating Yourself.

Life is like a wheel, which does not see how much you are going to face hardness. It affects the driver, and a good driver always be ready for it. Life is the name of accepting challenges, not to run away from failures, goals, people’s negative attitude, and weakness of mentality.

People never stop pointing out you, as people said to prophet Nooh that what will you do with this ship while there is no water? So be strong from inside to motivate yourself and face the challenges of society.

People are unaware of your struggle and just point out your mistakes. When you control yourself mentally and emotionally then you will accept your mistakes and try to overcome rather than lose hopes, feel depressed and cry.

Giving up is a disease, and that is a barrier between your hard-working and success. It’s up to you, how do you make decisions to face challenges, failures and emotions. “It’s ok to not be ok.” Your mind should be free from negative toxic thinking, ups and downs are part of the process, not the final result. Always be positive, you fall, get back up. Failure is the event soon it will be quiet.

Taking care of yourself is not a selfishness, it is your need, if you neglect it you will find yourself a lonely person in the world. Judge yourself and try to break the fatty skin of shyness, negative attitude, laziness and non-learning posture. People judge others more than themselves. Everyone’s life experiences are different if you make decisions what people say about your sufferings will not be much beneficial. Make your own decisions about your life. Work on yourself even slowly until your true self is revealed. 

Your continuity in physical health exercises, mental health improvement and emotional tears bearing will lead your strong personality. These steps will build your individual brave and motivation. Be a good teacher of yourself and he always attempts to learn more and more rather than act as a perfect trainer. 

Pawn” the life of pawn in chess is most useless side, no one wants to be a pawn because It born only for the sacrifices sometimes its sacrifices are meaningless. Same you are a pawn of the society who has no individual identity. 

Life of Pawn in Chess an Inspirational Lesson

When you start accepting your reality of life you will start becoming practical with your life, but the most important thing about life is that it not the same all the time. 

Have you ever think? A pawn never lose hope, maybe it is working hard and determined, it can change it’s life too from pawn to queen.  What if it is born as a pawn, but just born to die the same it was in the binging? The difference between a pawn who dies as a pawn and others live as a queen. We have also the same attitude of thinking as it is a meaningless life.

We all have the same sound in our minds we can’t do this because we do not have such ability and opportunity. Looking towards the problems will always bring up just toxic thinking and a list of excuses pawns have. 

Never think about this big list of excuses because one reason can be your rising star for self-motivation. Self-satisfaction is one of the most important things that will give your meaning to a meaningless life. Pawn never complains about how life is going to be evil and hard. He just knows the next step will be the last but he never gives up and moves forward. Man has the same ability and opportunity to move forward. 

The pawn becomes queen because he born as a “pawn” but never thinks to die as a pawn. This hope enables it’s trying till death.

Your choice of friends is the strength, who tells you to get back up, who never shares a negative attitude on your failure. It is that state that never to be the same, it is soon to quit. Maybe you are in the darkest moment of your life but it changes and a bright future is ready for you to get up and wok on yourself. Life teaches you lessons and who learns from his life experiences will be a strong person. 

Do not show your brokenness, keep moving ahead with a learning attitude will bring you a better individual.

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