Free Online Courses by Extreme Commerce

 Free Online Courses by Extreme Commerce |CEO Sunny Ali

Free online courses in different online earning platforms are offered by the Extreme Commerce organization and other experts of Pakistan. You have a chance to learn new skills from the best instructors in Pakistan and improve your productivity. The most important thing is that you have a chance to learn these skills in the Urdu language. 

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Free Online Courses by Extreme Commerce | CEO Sunny Ali, video Bootcamp
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These free Video Bootcamp series are designed to improve your skills to earn more. Be your on boss, enhance your learning ability and learn soft skills. Are you ready to learn new skills from the best trainers in Pakistan? We highly recommend the free courses by Extreme Commerce. #StayHome and Enroll Now

Free Online Courses by Extreme Commerce Aim

Billion Dollar Pakistan

Sunny Ali is CEO of Extreme Commerce. 

Extreme Commerce aims to teach you the best skills which are needed all over the world, and you will get consistent orders. Your hard work and continuity make you able to earn a minimum of $500 in a month and so on. With the time these digits will convert into four and five digits. These skills will help grow your own business or sell services on different freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Enroll now and start a new journey. Start part-time working in these skills, when you capable to switch your job and manage an online platform as a full-time employee that is our goal to motivate and learn better and work efficiently.

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Free Online Courses by Extreme Commerce

  1. Amazon FBA PL
  2. Amazon FBA Wholesale
  3. Ebay
  4. Virtual Assistant (VA) / FFL
  5. Art of Entrepreneurship
  6. Shopify DS
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Kindle
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Micro PL – How to Sell on Amazon Saudi (
  11. Influencer Marketing
  12. How To Make Successful Business On
  13. Selling online on Etsy from Pakistan
  14. How To Do Professional Photography
  15. Micro PL- How to Sell on Shopee (Malaysia)
  16. Micro PL- How to Sell on Lazada (Malaysia)
  17. How to Become a Youtube Expert
  18. How to build your Services, Ecommerce and Asset business with WordPress
  19. Instagram Skills for E-Commerce
  20. Micro PL – How to Sell on Daraz (Pakistan)
  21. Click Funnel – Build High Converting Micro Sales Funnels
  22. Learn Graphic Designing
  23. Video Production & Editing – Learn to Earn
  24. Arduino Programming & Interfacing
  25. Proxy Marketing
  26. Google Analytics Training Course for Beginners
  27. Maya for Beginners: Complete Guide to 3D Animation in Maya
  28. AutoCAD – Learn to Earn
  29. Google Ads (AdWords) Course – From Beginner to PRO
  30. Get Free Traffic to Your Website With SEO & Content Marketing
  31. Learn iOS App Development
  32. Learn Google SketchUp Modeling From 2D to 3D
  33. Learn Php & Laravel Development
  34. Learn React JS
  35. Becoming an Influencer on Instagram
  36. How To Ungate Categories On Amazon
  37. How to build your online book keeping services business with Quick Books
  38. Photoshop Crash Course
  39. Illustrator Crash Course
  40. Micro PL – How to Sell on Ebay Australia & UK
  41. How to build your online book keeping services business with Xero
  42. Micro PL – How to Sell on Noon (KSA / UAE)
  43. How to Create an Empire on Airbnb &
  44. Adobe Premiere Pro
  45. Amazon Web Services-Beginner Level
  46. Facebook Ads

You can enroll as a student for free. As a student, you must fulfill their requirements like a student card. If you don’t have this one now, you may send them the recently paid fee challan, make sure to define your problem in remarks. 

There is a free version you can enroll if you will be eligible for it. Extreme Commerce team will approve your application otherwise you have to go for the paid version of Video Bootcamp.

We are happy that soon you will be part of free online courses by Extreme Commerce.

Free Online Courses by Extreme Commerce |CEO Sunny Ali

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  1. Salam,

    Plz tell me do you people also give a certificate if i complete the VA course from extreme commerce and will there be exam at the end of this course ?


  2. Free version of Extreme commerce does not award certificates. There is paid version all things, such as assessment and certificates will be provided to you.

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