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Your Notes Your Blog

We have been making handouts (notes) for exams preparation now a days, but today’s notes are one of the great work of a students to stay with studies. And I am sure most of the students love to make notes own-self with less copyright material in it. Believe me friends it’s easy and self assessment of your potential and creativity. We engage ourself in studies sincerely. When you start to post your notes or any creative writing on your blog that will be helpful. Blog posting brings up your interst to read more and more articles and note down accurately.

Your Notes Your Blog Tips by Saeed Ali

               Obviously, such these activities will prove to be an interesting where to spend our time that we are free at home.
              I am also doing this, not much but little bit. I also post my notes on blog nicely, suggest you to do this and mark your time valuable.

Tips to start your blog using notes perfectly:

Content you need:

  • Minimum 300 words each article with less percentage of copyright material.
  • Well organised article with suitable headings, subheadings and minor headings.
  • Search free image for your article according to content.
  • Name your blog according to your material which you will post on your blog.
  • Make keywords in post title and content.

Search Engine Optimisation is most important aspect for your blog rank in google search page. Create your content unique and powerful that attracts visitors stay and read. Share it with your family, friends and classmates to view it.

Short process to create blog:

  1. Open Blogger in your best mobile browser. 
  2. Sign up with your Gmail account (safe and not terminated). 
  3. Create new blog, write name, search good, short blogspot domain free, select theme and save it. 
  4. Create new post and write 300 words well organised article and post it.

How can be a blog, Then visit my blog:

To make it more perfect then search more on Google or YouTube.

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