How to create free website in Pakistan 2022

How to Create free website in Pakistan is widely asked on social media platforms but people don’t tell that it’s possible or not so I decided to tell you that it is possible and all the ways and steps will be discussed in this article just read the entire article and you will get the idea and also the way to create free website in Pakistan.

How to create free website in Pakistan 2022

Can we create free website in Pakistan?

Let’s discuss this as most of the people on the internet and also on YouTube are told that you cannot start your blogging journey for free but It is possible to do it for free. In this article, we tell you about a Google service by which you can create free website with a professional design.

How to create free website in Pakistan?

Guys for a blogging website or professional website you have need of hosting and as you know hosting is not free at all but here is the platform which provide you hosting for free forever which is not other than Blogger by Google.
Google’s blogger is the best and best and fast as well as free of cost hosting platform where you can create a website or blog for free of cost in Pakistan and in all over the world and no platform can match the power of blogger.

Is a blogger secure platform? Create free website

As you guys know that blogger is a service by Google and google is the securest company in all over the world and here you are free. no one can hack bloggers. Therefore it is the securest platform to start your blogging journey.

Is blogger good for SEO? Create website for free of cost

Blogger is the service of google and here you can get several benefits as your articles will be published and indexed instantly on google. All you have to is to verify your domain with the Google search console and you are ready to go.
You will write the post on blogger and it will be published and indexed in google instantly.

Now let’s talk about How to create free website in Pakistan by using blogger.

Create free website in Pakistan by using Blogger

Blogger is the best and free option in Pakistan to start the blogging journey you can create a professional, magazine, or blog website for free of cost.
Hey, guys if you wanna work on WordPress for free. If you wanna get free hosting and cPanel you can do that by clicking the link below:

Steps to create free website in Pakistan on blogger

⇒ Create a Gmail ID
⇒ Go to
⇒ Register yourself on blogger.
⇒ Select the name and blogger subdomain
⇒ Choose the theme for your website
⇒ Publish the website and you are now online and created a free website

NOTE: Guys I personally recommend you to buy a custom and top level domain and connect it with your blogger website because it has many benefits and domain is not an expensive thing so you have to purchase it for SEO benefits because sub domain is not so powerful as the Top Level Domain is.

If you guys wanna check which domain providers provide the best and cheap domains in Pakistan you can check out the article below and get the idea.
After buying a top-level domain you can connect it to a blogger and you are ready to go no one can tell whether it is created for free or on WordPress.

How to connect a custom domain with blogger? Top Level Domain Connect with Blogger

It is very easy to do that you can get multiple videos on YouTube that how to connect custom domain name with blogger and you can do it by yourself just watch a video and you are good to go.
The Video link is given below by clicking on it you can reach that video.

How to connect custom top level domain with your blogger complete tutorial on YouTube.

 Is it worth connecting a custom domain with a blogger?

I know you guys are thinking that in this article there is talk about how to create a free website in Pakistan and now we have to buy a custom domain and will it worth it.

Listen carefully guys Top level domain has the authority, therefore, you have to purchase and connect with it but the domain is not so expensive it is from 500 to 1200 pkr you can easily get. And it is worth the money and need. You will get higher search results in google by attaching a custom domain to your blogger website.

In the future, if you wanna shift or migrate from blogger to WordPress then if you have a custom domain you can easily migrate to WordPress but if you have not you can’t migrate your website and a lot of loss for you therefore always connect a custom domain to our blogger.

Conclusion: Can we create free website in Pakistan?

Yes guys we can create a free website with bloggers with lots of SEO benefits as well as security benefits. Now go to and register yourself for free and start your blogging journey.

Blogging is a very powerful method to earn money at home in Pakistan and now blogger is providing you the best opportunity to do it for free. If you wanna know how to start blogging just click the link below.

How To start blogging in Pakistan

All the required information related to blogging you will get here and just start your work build a website in Pakistan for free of cost.

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