How to write SEO friendly article on website 2022

Writing SEO Friendly Articles is the thing that most of the people on the internet doesn’t know how to write properly and SEO optimized article because it is important to get good search results and get perfect traffic from search engines.

To get the best results Search Engine Optimization is very important to get traffic from search engines because when you get the readers to read the content on your website then you can earn something from them by showing advertisements.

How to write SEO friendly article on website 2022

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization is to make your content quality proven and also when you do proper research on keywords then that article appears in top search results.

It is the process to improve the quality of content to get traffic from search engines to your websites.

Why SEO Is Important?: Write SEO Friendly Article

SEO is important to get traffic from search engines to your website because the main goal of a website is to write content for the people but if you don’t do SEO then how anyone can you get traffic from google. So always write SEO-friendly articles on your website.

SEO plays an important role when it gets to get traffic from search results because most of the people earn money from their website as they have advertised on their website or implement affiliated links and products in the article therefore they can have money by getting traffic on their website.

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How To Write SEO Friendly Article? SEO optimized Article

How to write SEO friendly article on website 2022

First of all, people have to get the idea to write articles related to a specific niche or you can say category. Then you have to select a topic and after that search for a proper keyword and write properly on that keyword. More information is given below.

What is Keyword Research? Write SEO Friendly Article

Keyword research is the method to find what people are searching in the internet about a specific topic. Firstly search about all possible searches that can be searched by people then choose the most search word and start writing about that keyword in the article and implement that keyword from 1% to 10% density.

There are two types of keywords:

  1. Long-tail Keyword
  2. Short-tail Keyword

Long-tail Keyword: SEO Optimized Article

Long-tail keywords are keywords that more specific and long in length. There is a benefit to use long-tail because it is more specified and represents a more specific topic. 

For example: earning money online is a short-tail keyword but if you more specified this as earn money online in Pakistan it is a long-tail keyword that is more specific about a topic.

As you see the long-tail keyword is more specified but has low search results. If your website is newly created and wants to get good results then you people have to write an article using a long-tail keyword research process so you can get more frequent results.

Short-tail Keyword: SEO Friendly Article

Short-tail keywords are the keywords that are mostly and widely searched on search engines that have more and more competition. But it is too difficult to get good results when you do short-term keywords in articles as there is very high competition on the internet on short keywords.

Most bloggers and content writers write and focus on short-tail keywords.

How to write an SEO-friendly article on a website?

There are simple steps to start writing SEO Friendly article on a website:

  • Keyword research
  • Select the main keyword
  • Search for related Keywords of the main keyword
  • Main Keyword in Post Title
  • The main Keyword should be in Post URL
  • Start Post with focused keyword
  • Repeat the main keyword throughout the article
  • Repeat keyword in H2 and H3 Headings
  • Write conclusion by focusing on Keyword
  • Now let me explain all the steps in detail.

Keyword Research: SEO friendly keyword

There are different platforms where you can search keywords related to the topic of your post on which you are writing. The tools are mentioned below:

  1. Google Keyword Research Tool
  2. Ahref Keyword Research Tool

Guys these are the tools on which you guys can search for proper keywords Moreover when you write about your category google also suggest the results and these lines or search queries can also be used to write an article.

Select Main Keyword: Write SEO Friendly Keyword

When you guys search out the keyword then find out the main keyword on which your post is to be focused.

Select the main keyword and write the article by focusing on the keyword. Now implement the keyword in that particular article.

Search for Related Keywords of the main keyword

Also search related keywords about your topic or select the results that google suggests so implement these related keywords in the articles and create heading of that search results or related keywords.

Main Keyword in Post Title: SEO Friendly Article

Now when you get the main focused keyword then you have to add this keyword exactly the same in the post title so when people search on any search engine your website will rank on that specific keyword.

The main Keyword should be in the post URL: SEO Optimization

When you are focusing on keywords then it is very important to set your URL or Permalink according to your keyword so it will appear on search enginess because of URL because URL is very important when you guys are writing about SEO optimized article.

Start Post with Focused Keyword: Search Engine Optimization

Always start your post with the main and focused keyword because there are three things that are important in search engine results:

  1. Post Title
  2. Post URL/Permalink
  3. Meta Description

Repeat the main Keyword throughout the article

Now write the article and focus on that word while writing article in this way your content will be ranked on that specified keyword and also the alternatives that you have selected.

Repeat Keyword in H2 and H3 Headings

The focused word which is called keyword should appear at least one time in H2 and H3 headings. It is very important for SEO to appear the keyword in headings.

Write conclusion by focusing on Keyword

When you guys are writing a conclusion about your post then there is a very good chance to set that keyword in the conclusion.

Conclusion: Write SEO Friendly Article

In this article Search Engine Optimization is very important when it comes to search engines because you will get the traffic when you have written an SEO-optimized article.

So writing SEO optimized article will help you get an audience from search results.

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