How to buy pk domain in Pakistan at cheap price 2022

Buy pk domain in Pakistan is very easy now because there are some websites that provide you the pk,,,, etc any domain name with .pk you can buy now very easily because it is very accessible these days.

How to buy pk domain in Pakistan at cheap price 2022

What is pk domain? Buy pk domain online

.pk domain is a Pakistan-based domain extension that is preferred if anyone is doing work related to Pakistan then they will have to buy the .pk domain. Today, the demand of .pk domain is very high. Every person in Pakistan wants to target the audience of Pakistan therefore people are searching for the best websites to get .pk domain in Pakistan.

Is .pk domain Important?

Yes, pk domain is very important when it comes to Pakistan that a website is representing Pakistan in all over the world it has a great SEO impact when it is about Pakistan always the .pk domain is preferred in Google search results when the search is regarding the state Pakistan.

.pk domain GoDaddy

Is GoDaddy provides the .pk domain? It is the query that is mostly searched by people on the internet but GoDaddy is not offering .pk domain there are only 1 or 2 websites that provide and we will talk about them later in this article.

Is .pk domain free?

.pk domain is not free at all because on the internet domain name can not be free yes you can use it when you buy it and register it for yourself.
Domains on the internet are not free. Some of them are free but they are counted as spam on the internet.

Best .pk domain provider in Pakistan

There are two best and only ones in this field that provide .pk domain and all other .pk domain extensions for educational or government organizational domain names. Actually, both are the same and trusted platforms to buy the domain but as they both are providing hosting but I will not recommend buying hosting from these platforms if you wanna know which are the best hosting providers in Pakistan you can visit the link below.

Buy cheap hosting in Pakistan

List of Websites where you can buy pk domain in Pakistan

There are two best websites where you can buy the .pk domains. buy pk domain at cheap rates is the best and great platform where you can buy a domain at a cheap price they offer also the hosting but it’s on you if you wanna buy the hosting it’s at your own but I will recommend you to buy hosting from Hostinger or Bluehost. Anyways let’s talk about they are best to provide a domain with a good cPanel where you can change the nameservers of the domain and point it out to any other hosting. provides you .pk domain at 2500 pkr for two years of registration and that is a very good price for a domain for two years.
They are good at customer service as according to my personal experience they will reply you within a few minutes as I already have used their platform and got domains.

Top 5 Trusted Freelancing Websites to start with

Buy pk domain at home is now very easy because of this website all you have to do is to select the name and just fill the information and pay the bills and you are good to go.
Join the website by clicking the button below. buy pk domain in Pakistan is the newly introduced and best website which is directly competent of and also offering the best price as compared to as they are giving an offer of 2350 which is best and cheap in Pakistan for two years domain registration. also provides the same services but as low prices as compared to now the choice is yours I think both websites are the best of their kind. It is on you which you choose. They have almost the same transparency design and prices you can easily buy your choosy domain name with the extension of pk.
Go to their website and check it out and then decide which is the best link is the button. the best one to buy pk domain in Pakistan

Now let’s talk about one of the best domain providers they also offer the domains that are not offered by and as are the official domain names that are also provided by And you guys can easily purchase any domain from their platform they are trusted and the best in their work.
Go to their website and select the name that you want for yourself.

Now let’s talk about other .pk domain extensions that are widely used by the Government and Organizations in Pakistan.

List of pk Domain Extension

There are other extensions of .pk that are widely used in Pakistan by governments and Organizations.
these are the two domains that are used for organizational purposes. buy pk domain in Pakistan at cheap price in Pakistan is used by the official websites of universities or any other educational organization. As the University of Central Punjab has the domain name as and like many others, they are used and you can but this domain and register it for your educational organization at or it is now very accessible and easy for everyone to do that. buy pk domain

These are the domain that used by business organizations in Pakistan and you can register on all of the websites that are mentioned in this article because they all are trusted websites to work with and register your desire pk domain name now. Register it only on

The only platform or website that can offer you the domain in Pakistan is They can offer you the name, not other two can do it and they also have cheap and competitive prices so you can check out the prices on their website. As you guys know the extension that is only used by the Pakistani Government for their official websites.

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