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Blogging to Enhance Writing Skills of Students

The best writer is intended to strike a chord and targets the audience. This time, I have decided to provoke the goals of English Department students at an online platform. They always think of such professions and skills, teaching, academic writings, motivational speaking, presenter, translator, and competitive examinations. 

Being the students of English department, surely have good writing skills, they can write sentences with proper structure and keen eyes on grammar. They love to read a biography and contain preface to be part of our strong reference. Your unique content will be more preferable, if you write strong references, it can be achieved by reading strong reference articles.

Blogging to Enhance Writing Skills of Students blogging #tips #writing #articlewriting #blog #writingskills

Good writing makes you think and cause doubt about the statement, if you agree or disagree. The style of the writer influence more on the reader, to connected with reading. The writers understand our comfort zone and make us able to see something old with new eyes(that may or may not be verbatim). The writer thinks himself as a reader that which style and knowledge influence me to read any article. 

The main goal of a writer is to communicate ideas in a unique style with his followers, whether it is a fictional story, a historical event, a joke.

Beginners of the English department have one of the best platforms to practice his skills and influence his audience through writing. Your personal interest in blogging help you practice writing skills. English department help student engaged in the study of language, literature, film and visual, multimodal text and digital and form new habits of complex thinking. The purpose of reading, listening, watching and movies intend you to watch and read keenly. 

Today, I am going to show you how to start blogging? 

Blogging at blogger is free of cost, I never feel ashamed to tell you that when I was first learning how could be a blog, I made a ton of mistakes and improving day by day. It just needs basic computer skills, whether you are 12 for 50, you can get benefit from my experiences, and you can avoid waste the time to understand it and repeating the same mistakes. 

What does blogging (blog) mean?

A blog is the simplest kind of website that only focuses on written material. Blog contains posts you write on a particular topic according to niche. Most popular we often hear about, news blogs, travel blogs, Lifestyle, and event blogs.

Most bloggers add a “comment” section the reader can post his overview, which helps you interact with members and get their perspective. 

Should you need to be a great writer to start a blog?

This is just a misconception to start a blog with expert writing skills. Bloggers also use informal and conventional style of writing to share personal experiences for readers. Expert in any field is not a need for blogging but your basic skills help you to be a successful blogger.

“Passion for a topic is the key to be a successful blogger.”

Blogging is to sharing of knowledge, personal perspective with the world. Your blog must deal with the proper niche and subtitle-title of niche. Personal interest of writing blog post genuinely, will keep your followers associated with your blog. 

The new generation is largely connected to the internet that is helpful for you to show off your writing skills, this is a better time to start blogging and build the community. 

Pick a blog title: Make sure your blog title follows the perfect niche to be successful at the blogger community. There are few ways to find blog niches: hobbies and passions, a personal blog, life experiences, subject notes, etc.

Keywords: Pick low competition keywords to rank on search engines.

Customize blog theme: Customize your blog theme and posts with proper headings, sub-headings, free images related to content, internal and external links, and micro-niche labels. 

Blogging to Enhance Writing Skills of Students blogging #tips #writing #articlewriting #blog #writingskills

The two kinds of people, one who thinks they can write, and others who think they can’t. Most writers fall in the middle, produce good and creative writings. Why am I talking about content, because it is the backbone of the web and the best platform to practice and enhance writing skills? Your unique style of content writing is the reason people visit your blog again and again. 

The great writer is a good reader, reading regularly develops your writing skills. Give time, read more and more, pay attention to sentence structure, perfect word choice, and following your topic outline.

#blogging #tips #writing #articlewriting #blog #writingskills 

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  1. This is nice. Yes blogging is a great tool for self development especially in the area of reading and writing. All that one requires is passion and determination to contribute something good to people's life

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