June: Month of Men's Health Awareness

Month of Men’s Health Awareness (Mental and Physical Health)

June is the month of Men’s National health awareness to raise awareness about care and encouraging boys, make a healthy decision to avoid mental health disorders. This is the month to encourage men to take care of their physical and mental health. Men take care of themselves by eating healthy food, daily exercise, and work to prevent heavy disease. Men’s health month is symbolized with blue colored ribbons to celebrate the event and help men.

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June is a month of which could be highly focused on the wellness of men and problems faced by men, affects men emotionally. 

In the United States, health awareness has great importance and also held after the year 1194, signed by President Bill Clinton. 

5 Things YOU Can Do for Men’s Health Month

  • Tweak Your Diet

The month of men’s health to aware men about the balanced diet and change the way you eat. Put off the alcoholic drinks, smoking, or any other unhealthy food for a month, and if you practice it, you can acquire it for life.

  • Set Up Goals

This is the month to set up your goals, what to do with your health? To gain muscles or lose weight. In this month you can set up your target to eat fresh vegetables, fruits, and work with your doctor to shape reality. Set up your best hobbies. These outstanding hobbies motivate you and also engage in the perfect direction.

  • Learn Health Issues

Find different helpful ways to manage your anxiety, stress, and mental disorders. And to read about health issues and get to know basic information. Try to focus on useful things rather than unhealthy activities, negative behavior, etc.

  • Make An Appointment

 Go for a doctor and share the health problems with him. Follow the instructions of the doctor to prevent health issues.

  • Set Up Physical Exercise Plan

 Plan the best schedule for the physical exercise, to go for a walk after lunch and dinner. Plan the sports games to engage yourself physically fit.

Men faced difficulties when he deals with mental health arises, society does not treat him well because they do not have such developed skills to talk about their problems and encourage.

How does society sound for men?

OH boy! Are you crying? It doesn’t suit you. You are the man and man does not cry.

• Why do all these questions arise for man?

• What about his emotions and feelings? 

• How can he put the sadness out?

These queries do not encourage him but all put all the burden on him. In these critical issues, how can he make better decisions? And this will be the cause of his depression. They do not have a good lexicon to talk about their emotional feelings. 

Man has to talk about this, if he does not speak unmanly, he internalizes it and is very dangerous to him.

The month of men’s health is very much important because the disproportionate awareness provoked the women’s health than men. This is time to put the men’s health awareness and take responsibility for their health and love to their health. 

We have highlighted the love for men’s health by sharing posters and hashtags: #MensHealthWeek, #MensHealthMonth, #ShowUsYourBlue.

Men’s health awareness in COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic wounded the people in four walls of the house. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, a number of online conferences and meetings on Men’s health awareness. Special focus on public health awareness to encourage men, stand against the COVID-19 with the instructions of practicing social distance, early symptoms, and how can they play a role model for children. 

Men are highly affected by mental health or depression than women. Men’s suicide rates increased four times greater than women in this COVID-19 pandemic. 

Men's health month, june #MensHealthMonth #ShowUsYourBlue #WearBlueForMen #WearBlue4Men

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