When I dead my dearest | Poem

When I dead my dearest | Poem


                In this poem poetess expressed her feeling and a message  to her dearest.

When I dead my dearest | Poem | top articles by Saeed Ali

Dearest not to sing sad songs, put flowers on her grave. She also not forced her dearest to remember her, if he wants to remember or forget her, he can. She said that after her death, what so ever he wants, he can do. This may seem cold or heartless but it does not means that she does not love him but it could mean that speaker cares and love him lots. She wants that as he wants to live his life happily he can enjoy and grownup himself better. In this poem speaker mentioned three things that are unexperienced. When she will die, what will people do on her grave? Will they remember or foget her? They love her or not.
                   In this poem, poetess expressed that she do not have any knowledge after her death. What so ever you will do with her grave that will be quite unkown to her, like seed plants on her grave for shadow, green grass, shower it and sing sad songs.

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