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This is allegorical poem by Edmaend Spenser. The title of poem ” Faerie Queen” represents Elizibathan queen. This is the story of the knight of Holiness, the Red Cross, this is due to his red cross mark on his shield. The Gloriana (The queen of Fearieland) to fight dragon. The Red Cross with beautiful, innocent young lady Una  and servant (dwarf). They were to their way suddenly the storm comes and they lost their path and misgo in deep forest. When weather get better they start traveling after a while and Una sees a crave, she knew that crave of “Den of error” and she warned them, not to go their. But Red Cross ignores her and inter in it. In the crave error attacks on Red Cross and cover him with his tail but he struggles keep himself safe and drops off her head. After this they move to the way and night comes. They starts to find a place for night rest, they meet to a Old Hermit and he gives them a place for night sleep. The Old Hermit was not a realman that actually he was the antagonist, Archimago, the black sorcerer and he conjures up two spirits to trouble Red Cross.

      Archimago sent a spirit to Red Cross in fake Una and

Poem  The Faerie Queen | top articles by Saeed Ali

see the dreams of love to Red Cross and try to kiss him but he stops her. The first spirit fails to do his job then he sent a second spirit to sleep with Una and he (Archimago) awakes Red Cross and pointout that your Una is sleeping with another young man. He feeled sad and travels lonely to his mission. When real Una awakes and sees that Red Cross have left them alone, she go for search him.

      Red Cross meet with “Samsfoy” and ” Sansfoy” and they fight each each other but his shield protect him and he kills Samsfoy. Later he meets with “Fidessa”.

      Fidessa introduced herself the daughter of Emperor of the west. Red Cross promised her that I shall protect you and they move foward, there was too harsh weather sharp ages of sun shine. They take a rest under  tree and Red Cross start to breaking the branches of tree and he shocked because their was blood from branches of tree and sound of crying. That tree tells to Red Cross about his story. His girlfriend name is “Fivaelissa” and his name is “Fradudda”. They are caught as tree.

        He beats knight and way to forest the lady “Duessa”, she felt in love with him but when he get know that she is witch he tried to go away from her but she catches us as trees.

        Red Cross did not know that she is Duessa who is with him in the disguise of Fidessa? He ignored them and go along with Duessa.

        Una the innocent lady was trying to find Red Cross when she become tired and sit down under a tree while a rest, suddenly loin attacks her but leaves her because of her innocence and beauty, it becomes her friend.

        After few steps of walk Una meets to a girl but she sees a loin and rush toward her home and close the door. They follow her and ask for one night stay but she was fearing to loin but when loin force her to open the door, she opens it and they spend a night in their house.

        With the morning they starts jounary, suddenly she sees Red Cross (Archimago) on the hills. Una meets to him and they jointly run for mission by Queen. In the forest they faced “Sensloy”(brother of Sensfoy killed by Red Cross). He fights to him for his brothers revenge, when Red Cross(Archimago) was about to killed by Sensloy, he becomes in his real personality. Sensloy leaves him and kidnapped Una, loin was fighting to him but could not save itself.

        The real Red Cross was with Duessa (witch) and she took him to “house of pride” there was “Queen Lucifer” she welcomes them and Sensjoy (brother of Sensfoy) was looking for revenge. He challenged knight Red Cross for fight. Next day they fight and Red Cross was about to kill Sensjoy but Duessa protects him and give him safe treatment. Red Cross rushed out from house of pride and Duessa to find him.

       Innocent Una was in trouble because Sensloy wants to sexually abuse to her, she calls foe help and there were many wood gods listen her and come for her help. Then she meets again to her protector(knight) and they started walk again. After this they meet to a old man and he told them that Red Cross has died.

       Actually Red Cross was in trouble because dragon catches him in jail and his servant cleverly rushed out from there and he meets to her and explained all story, she do not know and also told her story of that first knight of Archimago. He said ae have to help him.

        Una and her servant suddenly see “King Author”. He asks them what happened? Una tells all the story to him and he bravely replied them do not worry, I shall protect him( Red Cross). They reached to dragon house and King beat all of them and also catches “Duessa”(witch) and safely protect him.

Red Cross and Una meet again and get engaged and live life happily.

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