What are some BAD HABITS that you need to break

5 Bad Habits You Need to Break

Bad habits keep you unhappy, and make to do that you don’t want. Start now, to eliminate them from your life. Following 5 Bad Habits that you need to break right now, and make a room of positive behavior.
5 Bad Habits you need to break

#1 Late-Nighters

Late-Nighters are also called Nightowls. We love to sleep late, but do you know what are the facts and consequences of Nightowls. More frequently they are single and short-term romantic relations.

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Sleep patterns are linked with character traits and behavior, and you react beyond the expectations of being Late-Nighters. People who stay up late and wake up late morning are different from earlier in many ways. Females and males, both Nightowls are seen single, and in short-term relationships versus earlier birds. 

Dario Maestripieri reported that the number of sexual partners is twice that of earlier birds.

Both Late-Nighters are risk-taking (high propensity). Man is more financial risk-taker than woman. Man has higher cortisol and testosterone level than woman; however, the Late-Nighter women have a comparable level of cortisol to earlier birds.

The Nightowls are less likely to be in long-term relationships and higher rate in sexual engagements.

#2 Bad Habits

Smoking is a bad habit a notorious risk for lung cancer, heart attack, coronary artery disease and stroke, which also affects other body organs.

Do you know, how much a cigarette is dangerous for you?

One cigarette contains more than 4,100 chemical compounds and 400 toxic chemicals, including carbon monoxide, tor, nicotine, and many others.

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Nowadays, people have another most hazardous habit, drinking alcohol. Drinking is considered a high risk in your lifestyle factors. It causes serious complications in your body, like Emphysema, Erectile dysfunction, wrinkles on the face, high blood pressure, etc.

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Hazardous habit, incessantly wearing earphones for multiple hours while working, traveling, studying, even going to bad. Continuously plugging earphones can be the reason for hearing loss.

Make sure, don’t spend more time earphones plugged and keep higher volume. 

Everyone knows and says, eating junk food is a bad habit but don’t refrain from it. Junk food contains a high proportion of sugar, fat, spices and preservatives. It also causes high cholesterol which is the reason for diabetes and heart diseases.

#3 Lying for Lie

Tell a lie to cover a lie and to tell another lie, which creates a chain of lies. Speaking truth is better than creating a false story. Later you will be curious about the truth being discovered. 

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One truth is better than a chain of lies. It doesn’t matter what are the consequences of being a true person. Sometimes it is hard to utter the reality but not impossible. Although your classmates laugh at you, girls won’t be impressed, and you tell a lie. This is not the way you are attracting by deceiving them. Your one lie push you in unpleasant situation of life. What will happen, if your lie comes out in the open? How much deceived your classmates and girls feel at your duplicity? 

Worst of all, you will lose your trust in their eyes.

#4 Boasting

Boasting, but why?

Everyone hasn’t the same strength, and boasting is the worst habit you have, quit it now.

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Boasting is a bad habit because it says, you are the best and everyone else is rubbish. Boaster knows better when someone is doing it to them. One who is listening to the boasting would be feeling uncomfortable, de-motivated and depressed. It is a really bad attitude if you are trying to present yourself. 

Leading your friends is good until you will boast yourself. The bitter truth is, slowly you will lose your friends. 

#5 Envy

The luxurious house and car everyone wants, what if someone else has them? What if you covet them, but can’t have them? 

The bad habit of envy, a grievous emotion often comes that wanting someone/ something another has, can lead to hostility. Think of all the successful people you know, from friends to famous stars and entrepreneurs, they have one common attitude that is POSITIVITY

Bad habits - envy - jealousy - naughty girl

Envy is negative emotion that you compare your life with someone else who has more. “Why can’t I have, I deserve much, it’s not fair!” Doesn’t result better in your life. 

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