Short Paragraphs on Religion


Religion is a path in which people find the things related to his/her life that how should we spend our life, what should we do in our life, which act or things are bad and what’s good these all things told us religion. There are many religions in the world and all religions has different customs, books, and things however Muslims believes on Holy Quran, Christians believes on bible, and Hindus have Geeta book. All religions are different from one another but my religion is Islam because it teaches us the complete code of life however traditions, economical issues, good behaviors and all the things which are happens in our life but not just about life but also death and after the death means day of judgment that’s why islam is the one and only religion which tell us the right path so islam is the complete code it has no doubt that Islam is good religion.

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Religion is the path to go throw it. It evaluates every point, how to spend life. It gives the information to each and every movement of life.
              There are numbers of religions which are accepted by the people all around the world, some of them are Muslims, non Muslim, Christian and many more. All have faith in their religion and all the facts which are mentioned in their religions. We believe in religion Islam which is the best religion selected by ALLAH Almighty. The religion Islam gives the education of brotherhood, charity, honesty, respect etc. The religion Islam does not only mention the present life but life hereafter.
        Religion is guidance and Islam is best religion.

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