Advice : Listen to Your Friend 

Advice : Listen to Your Friend 

“I would like that somebody would simply hear me” — we have all either detected this sentence or aforementioned it ourselves. we tend to all want somebody to pay attention to what we’ve to mention, to share our issues and simply allow us to vent our feelings.

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Here listening does not mean hearing out what the opposite person needs to say however it really suggests that understanding what they are oral communication and perhaps give some feedback or words of assurance.

Problem Sharing:

Sometimes your friend is in hassle and desires somebody to share what he/she feels or what’s happening in their mind. they will muster the spirit of gap up to you. you have got a good responsibility of listening and understanding them.

Do not make laugh:

If your friend is telling you regarding one thing, don’t interrupt, guy of it or brush it off as if it’s nothing serious. What your friend is making an attempt to mention could appear nothing important or serious to you, however to your friend it’s.

You should feel lucky that somebody thought to share their personal issues with you. therefore don’t let your friend feel down by creating fun of his/her downside. Here them out initial before creating any observations.

Realise its importance:

Sharing or revealing a personal feeling is never easy, so if someone is telling you something about his/her life, realise that it matters to them that’s why they are discussing it with you and not with others. In fact, you should feel honoured and valued, so respond in kind.


Listening to someone doesn’t mean saying ‘Hmm…’, ‘Oh’, etc., at the correct time, it also means that you listen to them with all your attention so that you understand what the other person wants to convey or share with you.

It is not easy for someone to open up with their feelings in front of others, so listen with attention, and don’t wander off in your thoughts.

After you have heard what your friend had to say, offer advice only if you feel that’s what they are looking for. It can be that they just needed someone to say what was in their heart and mind and feel lighter, and hadn’t come looking for advice.

Try to come up with some advice or a solution if required, but do make sure that it is something that is genuinely right for them and don’t say things to just make them feel happy, because sometimes what is best for them, or the truth, is not something that may make them happy.


Whatever your friend told you, it’s just for your ears, only so do not tell others about it. Remember people confide only on those they trust. So be responsible about what you share with others. And keep in mind that things have a way of getting around and your friend will eventually come to know that you broke their trust and told others what they said.

Always remember that you must be there when someone, either your family member or your friend, needs you!

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