Psychology and its development


Psychology as a science of Soul


Education is the means to complete development of man. For the complete development of man’s behaviour various capacities of an individual be given adequate opportunity. The Educational Psychology has an important role in teaching learning process, and for this, it is made compulsory subject in teachers training programs. To know the mentality of student. In this article there is discussion on the meaning of psychology and how does it changes its perspective of meaning in different time. Change from science of soul to science of mind to science of consciousness to science of behaviour.

Concept and meaning of psychology

Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour in relation to a particular field of knowledge or activity.(Merriam Webster)
It has an extraordinary importance in the life of an individual. Every day actions of life, may it be at school, organisation, home, neighbourhood or social gathering, is influenced by it. An effective teacher has knowledge of Psychology. All the communication between teacher and student based on psychology.
Psychology was previously studied as asub-branch of philosophy, and now it has managed its status independently. It is now included in science.

Psychology as a science of Soul

The term psychology is drived from two Greek words, “Psyche” and “logous“. “Psyche” means soul and “logous” means science. Thus combinly psychology term means a science of soul.
Q : What is soul?
Q : Can it be seen?
Q : What is it nature?
The psychologist could not find any answer of these, and consequently this concept was rejected.

Psychology as science of Mind

In place to science of soul, psychologist evolved another definition of psychology as science of mind. This definition survive much longer time but the same controversy arose on the nature of mind.
Q : What is mind?
Q : How can it be studied?
Psychologist unable to describe these confusions and consequently this definition was also given up.

Psychology as a science of consciousness

After the rejection of “Psychology as a science of soul”, Psychology as a science of mind” Psychologist defined psychology as a science of consciousness.  Man reacts with his environment and consequently depicts his behaviour (Jame Wuudt). This definition is also narrower to conscious and preconscious activities of mind. Mind is consist on three states : preconscious, conscious and unconscious (Frend). About nine-tenth part of behaviour is determined by unconscious and preconscious mind, where as only one-tenth part of our mind is determined by conscious mind. Unconscious mind plays an important role in the development of an individual’s personality. Mac Dongal objected to the definition of psychology as a science of consciousness that ” Consciousness os throughly a bad word and word has come into general use.” He exposed the word conscience would have been better word the consciousness, thats why this definition was also discarded.

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