Mental Health: 10 Best Tips and Tricks to Improve Memory Power

Mental Health: 10 best tips and tricks to improve memory power

We have always envious of people which extraordinary memory power. They have encyclopedic knowledge with little effort, while we struggle to memorize the things we were introduced seconds ago.
We also hope for this kind of a strong remembering power and memorize encyclopedic knowledge. As we strengthen any other body muscle having exercise, you can also train your brain to remember more and learn anything at a higher speed.
No one has photographic memory by birth with few notable exceptions, (virtually no adults actually have a photographic memory). Whether you need to study for exams, want to learn a new language, or want to stay sharp mentality, improving your power is easier than it sounds. Memorizing things quicker is a key factor in our lifestyle.

The Science of Memory

Before learning 10 of the best tips and tricks boosting memory, how many functions, so that we can understand the science behind these memorization techniques.
If you are mysterious about how our brain memorize and recall, so you are not alone. Scientists and philosophers have been struggling to figure out how human memory works for at least 2000 years and still making new discoveries.
“In 2016, British scientists won the highest prize for neuroscience (1 million euros) for their work on memory. They discovered that a protein in the brain plays a key part in memory formation and memory loss.”
There are three basic stages of memory processing: encoding, storage, and recall.
Encoding: The first step of creating a memory is encoding: like we will catch the information with five senses, we encode information by seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, and tasting.
“Research suggests we remember things better and save them longer when we associate things to than using semantic encoding.”
How we associate meaning?
Pakistan: The country of South Asia. We have associated Pakistan place in South Asia, semantic encoding.
Storage: Human mind stores the information as a little bits and pieces in different positions of the brain. Neurons pass signals to each other about what they perceived.
The network of neurons in our brain is to storing and receiving memories.”
Recall: Finally you got new information in your memory, repeatedly recalling information helps strengthen your memories. Like; receiving your notes or using flashcards help you retain information. Not in one time your brain fix information for a long time, receiving and recalling fix it. Recalling is a mental process that works along with encoding and storage.
10 best tricks and tips that can change your lifestyle and improve your memory.
In general our physical health strongly helpful for mental health. Our mental and physical health is connected with better sleep, better nutrition, and regular exercise. These three basic things will give you a huge benefit in preventing memory loss and also improve their overall memory.
In this article, we are going to tell you 10 of the best tips and tricks to help boost your short and long term memory.
10 best tips and tricks to improve memory power

1- Have a Good Sleep

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One one of the most easy and powerful ways to boost your memory: Take a perfect night’s sleep or the power nap in the daytime to straighten your learning ability. One research study found that people who take good sleep of 8 hours daily their mental (learning) ability is stronger as compared to those who did not get a good sleep opportunity. Psychologist Nicolas Dumay’s two research studies found that sleep plays a vital role in memory:
  • Good sleep protects our brains from forgetting memories.
  • Good sleep also helps retrieve memory better.
Sleep “resets” our brains and it is necessary for good memory and learning if you get reset for a while the brain neurons become our connected with multiple electrical activity e signal that irritate in memory saving.
Don’t Stay up late at night checking social media and notifications. Studies have found that the first half of the night contains the richest dose as it is called “deep sleep”.
Naps could too! Research studies found that taking a nap of about 45 – 60 minutes immediately after new learning could boost your memory by 500%.
“First half of night sleep and nap sleep could boost your memory and learning power, so sleep on time.” If your boss and working partner catch you napping at work tell them these results that affect your memory.

2- Maintaining Physical Health

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As sleep is important and boosts our mental and physical health, so the other exercise too: The human body relies on Oxygen and brain functions properly, and to get the oxygen, you need a healthy flow of oxygen-rich food to your brain. Researchers at the National Institute on Aging discovered that aerobic exercise, like running is linked with improving memory. The physical exercise activates high levels of a protein called Cathepsin B, which activates brain neurons growth and also new connections in the hippocampus. Hippocampus, the area of the brain believed to be critical for memory.
The trigger of neuron growth tested on mice, monkeys, and 43 sedentary university students. Who were forced to get fit for the study? The research study found that the largest increase in Cathepsin B after physical exercise.
Do not rest get your running shoes to stop after running new physical activity improve memory. Do not go for exercise immediately after studying or learning something new, there must be a good distance of time in between them.
“Having exercise about 4 hours after studying might be better for memory improvement.” Scientists are still doubtful for research findings while delaying exercise is more capable than working out immediately, but possibly our brains need time to fall in it before that brain-boosting exercise.

3- Improve Your Diet

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We always give you good advice and here’s the best life-based recommendation to maintain health and improve memory power. A balanced diet is one of the most important things to maintain the body healthier. You have thought of red meat and butter but probably these are linked to poorer kinds of memory.
The waxy substance cholesterol builds healthy cells. Oxygenated blood moves in the whole body. In Brain blood regulates in blood vessels and if they blocked due to cholesterol plaques can damage brain tissues. Blockage of Oxygenated blood affect thinking and memory.
A good rich balanced diet, which consists mostly of green leaves vegetables and fruits, olive oil, nuts, and seafood unsaturated fats. A number of studies have found results of improvements in memory and also lower rates of memory decline.

4- Try Common Mnemonics

Use mnemonics to remember things quickly. For example when the teacher studies the order of planets orbiting the sun, using this kind of technique:
My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas” (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto).
We try to remember Acronyms using common mnemonics. 
Music mnemonic is a powerful mnemonic to remember things quickly and happily. There are a number of mnemonics to remember different things. For example: week names, month name, counting, etc.

5- Memory Palace Environment

The memory palace technique is that you associate things and locations to those you are familiar with. We try to remember and new information as we have learned previously, try to fix new knowledge.
Q: How to use the memory palace technique?
Imagine yourself in a palace event if it is not a palace. Remember new things associated with a thing in the palace. It sounds pretty absurd but better to remember things quickly.

6- Remember More with Chucking

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Chucking is another technique of mnemonic that divides large information into more parts and makes it easy to remember things. You probably use it to remembering or sharing phone numbers, you chunk the numbers to memorize faster:  ’22’ ‘888’ ’99’ ‘1111’ rather than 22888991111. The chucking technique involves grouping the information and organizing the items. We chunk wards and information because our brains are primed to look for easy patterns and make connections.
โ˜† To put these 10 best tips and tricks into your practice, you will gain more and have healthier memory.โ˜†

7- Read and Visualise

Many educational courses require memorization strongly. Everyone knows that it is difficult, but it can be more frustrating when you have multiple courses. One of the most useful techniques to memorize large chunks of knowledge quickly is visualization. Names and numbers are abstract and more difficult to memorize than images. Our brain store and recall images more easier.
Turn the sound of names into images, for example: the name Alishba you listen but it is abstract your mind save it in short term memory. The best idea to remember this name quicker and longer is that: “You buy more things by Alibaba store, you may visualize this name with Alibaba products.”

8- Don’t type, Write it down

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Put away your smart devices and make your habit to write down things on notebook by hands than typing. 
There are a few reasons why handwritings are preferable to laptops when it comes to memorizing.
First handwriting stimulates cells of your brain called the “Reticular Activating System (RAS). When your reticular activating system activates your mentality pay more attention to what you are doing at the moment. 
When you are making a handout reviewing them, you are at a more active kind of learning.
Creating a mind map is a better trick of handwriting notes for memorizing.

9- Speed Repetition

We know that how we can and how much we study for any test and learning new information? We get to know interesting facts in these studies and forget them immediately.
It is natural exceptional that we learn new and forget it in days or weeks. The Spaced Repetition System (SRS) is a presentation method that helps you to remember things before if you would forget it. Revise things from time to time and save it permanently. If you are learning a new language and want to remember any fact of profession SRS method helps you.
For example you remember different words of new language and reviewing them short intervals (two-four days), you will successfully remember. When your interval duration increases more chance to forget them.
Regular practice creates an equilibrium between the old and new.

10- Learn and Teach

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Last but not least the best way to learn something is to teach others. I have experienced it when my classmates ask me any topic even individually I tell them. Even I repeat 8 to 10 times the same topic. This kind of sharing solves my queries and also help remember things longer.
No one have photographic memory or different kind of brain. You have read above 10 best tips and tricks to improve memory power will help you retain more and what you want to learn.
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