The Myth of Discipline

The Outdated Concept: The Myth of Discipline

Do you want that someone imitates your lifestyle; present yourself in a way, that can impress someone. Most people fail because they copy someone else daily routine. Life is not mean to copy others but love yourself, what you want to be. I always fail to be a disciplined one because I copy how others complete such action properly and why not I? One day I made a schedule to study daily; eventually, I quit that. Because I was imposing others likes and dislikes in my life which cann’t be my loving actions.

The Outdated Concept: The Myth of Discipline

My friend is a brilliant student of law and he impresses me a lot, the way he studies in a disciplined manner. He gets up early in the morning has healthy food and studies 8 hours a day. Studying 8 hours in a day is not easy, thus it can be achieved through love not imitating others. And I often try to copy his routine in my life but never continue it. The reality is that you can do those things often that you love to do, not adopting in your life.

On the other hand LOVE with your passion can boost your productivity. Love is the most powerful creative force in the universe. If you love to do such things you can do it even it is tough. Like, you love Pizza more than a thought of a fit body; eating Pizza can affect your balanced diet, your master mentioned, you felt that you interrupted discipline in your life. You choose Pizza because you love it more than the gym you do daily.

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There is no such thing as discipline. It is what you love, you will be more creative and productive at your every job. When you come to know what sort of things you have and also love to do, you will have more results.

Here I will quote Poliquin:

There is no such thing as discipline. There is only love…You are the result of what you love most.

Free yourself from the outdated concept of discipline:

  • Your choices are a reflection of what you love. You have to be confident about what you love to do. Timely develop them and make them your strength.
  •  Love is the great creative force in the world. Use it wisely.
  •  Love yourself more than external factors. If you value the external world you will switch more jobs.
  • The more you believe in yourself, the more objectively you will be able to take the advice of authority figures.

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