Sorry But I’m Number One Eletric CapCut Template Link By Saad VFX

The capcut template known as “Sorry But I’m Number One” is a popular tiktok template that has gained widespread popularity due to its sound. Its electric and lightning effect on the face makes it look great. The official template of this is featured in the article below.

Sorry But I'm Number One Eletric CapCut Template Link by Hamza VFX

What is Sorry But I’m Number One CapCut Template? A TikTok New Viral Trend?

This template is commonly used for creating videos and photos with electric and lightning effects. Due to its popularity, it has been referred to as the new trend in capcut. This template allows users to add their photos and then get the electric and lightning effect on them.

How to download Sorry But I’m Number One CapCut Video Template?

 Sorry But i’m Number one capcut template is the newly trending template on tiktok which is basically gone viral and famous because of the sound. Moreover the lightning and electric effect on the face is awesome which is great to look. Just follow the tutorial below and open the capcut app to add your video.

How to Use Template In CapCut? Sorry But I’m Number One CapCut Template

Many people who are searching for the Sorry But I’m Number One capcut template are also searching for it, but this is very easy to use and doesn’t require any additional equipment. After downloading the template, go through the steps below to get started with it.
  1. Open the link from the article below!
  2. Then click on “Use Template in CapCut”
  3. Then “Use Template”
  4. Select 1 Video
  5. Export The Video
  6. You can Upload Directly to TikTok Without CapCut watermark
  7. You can also export with capcut watermark in the gallery
  8. All Done!

How To CapCut APK Download for Android and iPhone?

Capcut app download for android is the query which is people are searching because of capcut templates as capcut templates are now very trending on TikTok so people were asking for that but for templates they have to need capcut for android. You can get capcut for android and iPhone from playstore and appstoreCapcut download for android devices is very easy as you have to open the playstore and search for capcut app free download and you will get the capcut apk.
CapCut download for iPhone you can search on appstore to get the official app as it is also available on appstore so you can get it by searching capcut. Download free capcut Both the links are given below:


CapCut For Android
CapCut For iPhone

 Is there now CapCut Software for PC/MAC?

The software known as capcut has been officially released and is available for Windows and Mac computers. After downloading the application, you can start using it. You can also try out the free video editor that comes with the capcut template.


CapCut Video Editor for Windows/MAC


TikTok is widely using short video platform and now a days the capcut templates are viral and trending on TikTok and most of the people are searching for viral capcut templates 2022.

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