How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan 2022: Work from Home

Before we talk about How to start freelancing in Pakistan let’s start with it that what is freelancing? Freelancing is more commonly a way of earning online at home or in a corporate. Freelancers are individuals who charge money in exchange for offering a specific service or product. Because of any specific skill, freelancers earn money online on the internet and that is basically called Freelancing.

How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan 2022: Work from Home

The trend of how to start freelancing in Pakistan is increasing day by day, especially after the epidemic when most of the people were unemployed and then people focuses on online earning and joined as freelancers on the internet. Today’s mostly graduated people from the university or even in the universities prefer to earn money from home and they are now successful at home because they work from home and now are the successful freelancers. People in Pakistan are actually making a lot of money in dollars by using just their laptops. Well, that’s not just a laptop only but as a skill, there are a lot more things to consider before starting freelancing or during freelancing as everyone should be skill full to start earning as you have to provide a specific skill or service so you can earn money.

There are a few steps explained below that how to start freelancing in Pakistan. Remember there is no time limit but here’s the chance.

Mind-set to start freelancing

Mind-set is the main challenge to start online earning at home in Pakistan because we are the people that just go to universities and start the studies but when we graduated we then pay attention that now we have to earn money but we have to earn money from when we are students. So first of all the very big step is to make our minds, because if we wanna be a freelancer the mindset is the main thing firstly everyone should have to learn a skill and for that, they have to be consistent in that. Instead of scrolling on the internet like on Facebook Instagram youtube or any other platform we should focus on our goals.

Become an expert in a specific skill

The very next step is to get a skill whether you have learned it from the internet or any institution. You have at least a skill to earn money because if you will provide or give a service then you will make money online. There are many different platforms where you people can earn money by your skill.

Always become an expert in a specific skill whether you wanna be a designer or content writer or anything else here are the top 5 skills to start with go to this link  and get the idea:

Top 5 skills to Start Freelancing

When a person becomes an expert in any relevant field then he/she starts to earn money because he/she is now expert enough to provide services and products online for example in Pakistan there are a lot of people that doing work as developers on Fiverr and earning millions of dollars at home.

Build Communication skill

In Pakistan, people usually feel shy in speaking English but this should not happen when you are talking with your clients. You have to speak basic English to communicate with your clients and you have to satisfy your customer because of your services but first of all the very big and hard step is to convince them to order you first after that when you convinced them they will give you order anything. Over the globe, for offering your services everyone should have to good in speaking or at least writing in English. Start building your communication skills by talking to your friends as when you will try to speak English you will become fluent in it. Talking in English is not only the thing to learn, you should learn to convince people through your communication because communication is the key to success. Sometimes people have perfect skills but they don’t know how to communicate with people and provide them the services that you have so all is also focusing on the communication skills. Try not to be overconfident but be the person who can resolve the problems of others and in this way, you will become a great communicator and can grab customers.

Make an attractive Portfolio

Build an eye-catching and interesting portfolio. Let’s talk about it what is basically portfolio is? It’s the projects, tasks, and services that you have done in the past and have positive reviews from them just create a portfolio and add all your thing to it. And it helps because when a new person will contact you. You have something to you him as you have a catalog or it can be a portfolio. People will judge you by your work and you will get a good benefit from it.

Most of the people will give the orders because of the good portfolio as let’s talk an example of Fiverr where review system is on and people gives review to the people from they get the good work and if a person goes to your gig and watch that you have a good variety of services and also got good reviews. They definitely will give an order to you to complete their tasks.

Always keep focused on a portfolio so you can show your services in one place.

Start offering your services

Start by joining freelancing groups on Facebook or join freelancing websites like Fiverr or Upwork or freelancer and offer your services at a fair and competitive price. There are many different freelancing groups on Facebook that you can join for free and you are on the way to being a freelancer in Pakistan this is a very much easy task to do to join Facebook groups. and yes Try to stay away from spam groups as much as possible because fraud is on every platform. After joining any platform always create your portfolio to show your skills to the people so you will get good results.

Key points:

  • Get experience
  • Work effectively
  • Always present a portfolio
  • Work professionally
  • Deals with your customers and clients effectively and friendly
  • Join Facebook groups and that is the easiest way to get customers.

Join Facebook groups in Pakistan there are a lot of groups, deal with them and after building trust and getting positive feedback from Facebook clients, then it is time to start bidding on international platforms like Fiver, Upwork, freelancer, people per hour, etc.

Conclusion: How to start freelancing in Pakistan?

To start freelancing in Pakistan, this is not too late and you guys have an awesome time to start. Be aware of your skills or learn a skill to do anything in your life. You set your mind and do whatever you wanna do and become something in your life before it’s too late.

Best Platforms Where You Can Do Work

Most of the online platforms are fake but here the most authentic are mentioned.

The most authentic sources of freelancing in Pakistan:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. Upwork

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