How to Start Blogging in Pakistan 2022

Start blogging in Pakistan: blogging is very popular nowadays as most people are now creating blogs and start earning because blogging Is the most stable and greatest method to earn money online or it can be said to be a successful freelancer every person in this world choose blogging as his/her career.
How to Start Blogging in Pakistan 2022

What is Blogging?

Blogging is to update and provide written material online on a website which can be about any topic as it can be news or update or any niche.
Blogging is a very vast field where people have the choice to write their own ideas related to their state or over all the world or on specific social media platforms or any other thing as it’s a very vast field.
You can search on the internet more about topics or categories. Now let’s talk about Blogging as a career.

Blogging As Career

In Pakistan and all over the world most freelancers are based on blogging as they have chosen blogging as their career because It has the potential and also money to earn.

How to Start Blogging in Pakistan 2022

Blogging as a career in Pakistan

Blogging is a very strong field to choose a career. Most of the people in Pakistan nowadays getting interested in blogging as it is very useful because people can make money from home.
Now let’s come to the topic of this article that How to Start Blogging in Pakistan. Below are the basic steps to follow to start blogging in Pakistan.
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How To Start Blogging in Pakistan 

How to Start Blogging in Pakistan

There are two methods to start a blog:
  1. Blogging with free hosting
  2. Blogging with paid hosting

Blogging with free hosting: Start blogging in Pakistan for free of cost

To start free blogging there is a service of Google which is called blogger. On this platform, there is no need to buy any hosting from any company just create the account and enjoy the blogging. Here are some benefits to using a blogger because it has some SEO benefits but has also some disadvantages but for a newbie, Blogger is the best choice to start with.
Hey, guys if you wanna work on WordPress for free. If you wanna get free hosting and cPanel you can do that by clicking the link below:

How to get cheapest hosting in Pakistan

Steps to start blogging in Pakistan on Blogger

These are some basic steps to follow to start blogging on blogger:
♥ Create a Gmail account
♥ Go to
♥ Sign in on Blogger
♥ Select a Name and Sub Domain Name
♥ Choose the theme
♥ Publish the website with subdomain.
These are the basic steps to start blogging on Blogger with the Blogspot subdomain. There is an option to create posts where you can write your articles related to your category.
Blogger is a very powerful platform to start with because it is a service by Google so 100% uptime and also has SEO benefits to use the blogger.
There is also an option to add pages to your website.
Anyhow there are some advantages and also disadvantages. But because it is free and if you are starting a new journey as a blogger in blogging then everyone should have to start a blogging career with blogger and when you guys are good in blogging have some income. Then you guys can start and migrate from blogger to WordPress.
Blogger has its own benefits as it’s free to use but there is a disadvantage that this is a subdomain, therefore, I always recommend getting a custom domain from any website and connecting that domain with your blogger websites In this way you have a custom domain to work with.

Blogging with Paid Hosting: start a blog with WordPress or any other CMS in Pakistan

Now let’s talk about the paid service where you have to buy hosting from a hosting provider like hosting, Bluehost, etc.
By purchasing hosting you will get the account and also a free domain with it and you can use WordPress or any other CMS to install but WordPress is the most and most widely used CMS all over the world.

Steps to start blogging with Paid web hosting

♥ Search for goo web hosting provider
♥ Select the best and cheap hosting provider and my recommendations are to choose:
♥ After this go to their website and buy the cheapest or the plan that is best for you.
♥ Choose a perfect domain name which will be free with hosting
♥  After purchasing select the CMS and I personally recommend starting with WordPress because it has many options and customizations moreover plugins to install for free.
♥ Install the WordPress and customize it and you are good to go.
♥ Start your blogging career
By these steps, you can start blogging and both the options or good as paid one will be more advance but for that, you have to specialize in blogging already and also have some designing skills but for a new career where you have no knowledge about blogging then choosing blogger will be the best choice for you.

Conclusion: Start blogging in Pakistan

In this article, the more and brief and also simply explained about blogging and in conclusion, You have to decide whether you are a professional or newbie who just wants to start blogging in Pakistan. It is the greatest advice to all the people of and students of Pakistan if you have something in you as you can write good content then kindly create a blog and be a good blogger moreover just keep it simple and take it as your career. Blogging has the most significant potential where you can be from zero to hero. Just do the hard work and start blogging the terms that you have to focus on before starting blogging.
  • Terms
  • On-Page SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Settings (Off-Page SEO)
  • Quality and Unique content
♥  Go with paid if you are already a blogger and have the capabilities to design the website.
♥  But if you are not professional and new in blogging career then choose blogger. It will be the best option to choose and work with.
Thanks for reading my article. Kindly do comment in the comment section!

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