Gender Discrimination is Inequality Between People

Gender Discrimination is Inequality between Persons


Discrimination means inequality between two persons, between two things and discrimination between two parties.

Gender Discrimination is Inequality between Persons

Gender discrimination means inequality between masculinity and femininity basically discrimination is difference between two genders male and female.

What was the first discrimination of the world?

The first discrimination of the world was the discrimination not between two genders but the discrimination between the same genders.

The first discrimination of the world was the discrimination between two girls or two women which was created by the men. The man Habeel created the discrimination between two girls while one is the white girl or other is a black girl one is beautiful or other is ugly. This was the first discrimination of the world and after two brothers’ fought with each other. Habeel killed kabeel and this was the first evil of the world and after this all social evils birth by the first evil.

Allah made all men and women equal.

How equal? 

Allah made all men and women as human being. If we talk about this world. We are socially, economically and traditionally connect with each other and then are a creation of differences and people make these differences through their stereotypical thinking. If we talk about any religion as Islam, jewism and Hinduism.

Now, I’m talking about female discrimination.

How people discriminate female? 

A girl faces many problems in the world. When she first opened her eye in this world.

For example: If a boy is born in this world people distributed sweets in their relatives and in their friends but girl opened her eye in this world majority of the people said that; she is a girl not a boy so, why we distributed sweets and other things in our relatives  or friends and also that our relatives know that she is a girl not a boy. With the passage of time, she faces other difficulties just like education, job, politics and so on.

How people make discrimination in education?

Now, here question arises how people make discrimination in education?

Discrimination in education with girls.

Today in this century the world want to go forward very fast. For this purpose education is very important for both boys and girls, and still most of the people are against the women education.

I want to talk about my home land and other countries majority of the people against women education as they that there will be no success in future if the generation is not educated.

Besides this they do not want to go their children in schools  or collages or even university because of the social evils. 

I want to discuss here some social evils which is Zainab rape case or other cases of the society Zainab was six year old child but our social evil killed her. Social evil killed her childhood, her happiness and blow the light of candle of her parents. Because of this many of  the people fierce from this accident, many of the girls did not take step  forward for their success ful life, majority of the dreams were died, and this evil birth other social evils. And because of this many of the peoples up their voices to religion because hide their mistakes. 
Now they speak Islam did not give permission to the girls that the girls take step for the betterment of society but they have the lack of knowledge they do not know the women were participated in battle of uhad firstly. Still I was just talking about sub continental countries.
Now I am going to talk about western countries. In other world there is also the discrimination not only with girls but also with boys. The discrimination with boys is more than the girls not in asian but europian countries. In majority of the world males are slave and they have less income as compare to women. We cannot say that discrimination always take place  with just women or just men. But the un equality is continuing in the whole world. The un just behavior is not only between the male and female. We can say that the extreme type of un fair behavior is with neutral gender.  They are also human beings. So, why we do not give them proper right of education, business, politics and other aspect of life. Majority of the people degrade them, hurt them, neglect them and abuse them. 
There is my question to the people why? Why you hurt them, neglect them, why they do not get education as we take education freely?. They are also human beings they also have heart like we have. They have feelings, emotions and also they have some wishes of education. They want to educate like us but because of gender discrimination they are back ward.
How peoples make discrimination in religious ways?

Firstly Allah made human being. Allah did not make any religion. So why we say he is hindu, muslim or christen. Most of the people say again and again that you are non muslim, so that’s why we do not like to sit with you, eat with you, or even talk with with you because I am muslim and you are not. Those guys do this thing, I think they are very disguisting people and they are not able to say human being because they do not have humanity. 

They think if they are muslim , its means they are superior to others but there is no any kind of superiority. superior person is a pious person in the world. Good person always knows by his good nature and good gathering.
How people make Discrimination in Racism?

Most of the people believe in racism.(cast system). Differences in caste system many of the people were distributed in caste system like non muslims were distributed in four castes which were Barhamans, Kahshtari, vesh and shodar. 

The four castes were keep very differences in each other. The barhaman knew very superior to all the castes and shodar were knew very low level peoples. The barhamans were participated in military. And shaudar  were bounded. They did not have rights of some thing. They lived across the boundary. And now a days there is a discrimination in caste system. 
Majority of the peoples do not want to get marriage in other caste or we can inter caste. No matter what ever a girl or a boy is agree with each other. Because of the caste, because of racism, many of the peoples are sit in their homes.

How Discrimination in between same genders?

Discrimination in between same gender is take place just like The discrimination in between daughter and daughter in law. We can say that it is a rule of nature daughter is daughter and someone is like daughter is not daughter. In many cases I saw most of the peoples they discriminate the girls whose are not their daughters but just like daughters. They do not give them proper food to eat according to their need. Most of the peoples beat their daughter in law and they want to take lot of work with her like donkey. And most of the other discrimination takes place in our society as a social evil. We can say that the difference between the boy and a slave.

Holy Quran says that ‘ you will not be a complete muslim till you do not like same thing for your brother as you like’. But unfortunately, we forgot the teachings of Holy Quran and we made differences in ourselves. Most of peoples behave her or his servants like animals, their tones is harsh for their slaves. they battering their slaves and oppress them and they want to get proper work from them but they do not want pay them full salary as they want. The teachings of Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) said that ` give salary to the slave when he did not start work’ its our teachings. And what are we?

We do not follow teachings because of this we gone back ward from all over the world. Gender based violence start from the discrimination. I more and more write on this topic but I want to go to the conclusion how we can overcome this evil.

How can we over come gender discrimination?

We cannot completely killed gender discrimination but we can overcome it by some ways.

Firstly, we have to give proper and equal rights to the both men and women. Men and women are the two major part of the world and we can say that men and women are the two wheels of the one car. If the one is punctured, so the car will not work properly. It is the example which I gave. And I want to explain it , the whole world is just like it the men and women are two parts if they are balanced, the world keep their maintenance and violence overcome from world. The world will be peaceful. We can overcome discrimination by give the mobiles to the girls but there is a condition for a girls they have to use mobile very sincerely and properly. We should raise our voices against child marriages. We have to stop child marriages and aware peoples to disadvantage of   child marriages. we have to educate mothers because if a girl is educated it means whole nation is educated.

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