6 Best Presentation Strategies For University Students

6 Best Presentation Strategies For University Students

Every time, when students are being called for class presentation, they feel hesitation and even not deliver their topic properly to the audience. Mostly we are judged by our body language during a class presentation. 60% of presenters being judged by body language, how do they deliver topic.

Your body communicates as well as your mouth. Don’t contradict yourself.

 Allen Ruddock

6 Presentation Strategies For University Students, glasses girl

Contestants are judged for each sign of positive confident body language, smiling, maintaining eye contact, and persuasive gesturing. Judges give negative marks for each negative signals, such as fidgeting, stiff hand movements, and everted eyes.
We find a similar correlation in the political realm. We are observing the political leaders daily, we are observing the facial expressions of political leaders communicating to journalists and the public. We might analyze them in six key emotions identified in psychological research: happy, angry, surprised, afraid, disgusted and sad. We focus the tenor of emotions on how is strongly they are expressed by political leaders. In this way we have names of some great leaders, like; Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and nowadays Imran Khan. The political leaders who just read the written instructions given them slight emotions even not express as much others do.

A confident leader or presenter also parallel communicate with body language. Their pitch of voice also matched with their body language. But the right kind of nonverbal communication did correlate with success. Of course, the election result is not linked to body language.

QHow can you send out the same signals and hopefully generate the same success?

As the great importance of body language for presentation and leadership, we have studied successful leaders across a wide range of fields and identified various positions which are indicators of persuasive, effective body language.

6 Best Presentation Strategies For University Students

  • The Box

6 best Presentation Strategies For University Students

Early in Bill Clinton’s political carrier he was punctual of using wide gestures in his speech made him appear untrustworthy. The advisor trained him to imagine a box in front of the chest and belly, keep your hands movement within it. It helps his body language under control. Since then, “The Clinton Box” has become a popular term in the field of controlling body language.

  • Holding The Ball

6 Presentation Strategies For University Students

Another popular gesturing in the speech delivery is “Holding The Ball“. If your hand’s movement is like holding a basketball is an indication of confidence and control, as you almost literally have the facts at your fingertips. Holding the ball gesturing is frequently used by Steve Jobs in his speeches.

  • Pyramid Hands

6 best Presentation Strategies For University Students

When people are confused, their hands often flit about and fidget. Even we do unwanted gestures. We can overcome this in one way to accomplish that is to clasp both hands together in a relaxed pyramid. Pyramid hands gestures are widely used in business admistrant employ. The idea is to show the presenter is relaxed, not egotistic.

  • Wide Stance

6 best Presentation Strategies For University Students

People’s standing position shows how much someone is a strong mindset. When you are standing in a strong position as feet wide about shoulders apart, it shows that you are feeling self-controlled, and ways to communicate easily.

  • Palms Up

6 best Presentation Strategies For University Students

Oprah was punctual to use palms up strong gestures during her speeches. She is a strong, powerful, influential figure who comes in front of a thousand people who speaks sincerely.

  • Palms Down

6 best Presentation Strategies For University Students

This opposite movement of hands has been seen as strong gestures of presenters. Palms down gestures can be viewed positively as a sign of authority, strength, and assertiveness. Barack Obama has often used this palm down strong movement of hands to claim a crowd right after movements of rousing orientation.

These strong gestures will help you in presenting lectures and conversations. Set up your mind to use these 6 best presentation gestures. Record your video clip or practice in front of a mirror that:

  • How did you stand the gesture?
  • Did you use any of these gestures or standing position?
  • If you are using it, that is great. If not, think about it and how you might do next time in front of an audience, or even just speaking to your teacher or a big client.
  • Practice in front of the mirror, then with friends until you feel good and punctual of it.

Nonverbal communication is not important as much to make or break you as the leader, but it might help you achieve more successful results.

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